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The following is a RoadMap of the various code releases for this course. This RoadMap is organized under two headings: Trunk and Branches. The Trunk code is for material directly related to the main course material, while Branches are code demos that explore alternate (and sometimes better) ways of doing things.

Trunk Releases

The Trunk code is the set of demos that relate directly to the main course material. These are the planned/completed releases for the Trunk.

Release Features
Lesson 1.x Initial C# demo, with GridView and DataSet
Lesson 2.x Repeater Controls
Lesson 2a.x DataList Controls
Lesson 3.x Forms Authentication
Lesson 4.x File Uploading
Lesson 5.x Querystrings
Lesson 6.x and 9.x AJAX
Lesson 7.x Roles-based Forms Authentication
Lesson 8.x AJAX Controls
Lesson 9.x NAITBook Friendships
Lesson 10.x DotNetNuke, Part 1
Lesson 11.x DotNetNuke, Part 2

Branch Releases

The Branch set of demos explore alternate ways of doing things.

Branch Features
BusinessEntitiesVersion 1.x 1) Replaces DataSets with Business Entities (aka, Custom Business Objects or CBOs), 2) uses DataObject attributes for cleaner integration with Data Bound controls, and 3) use Microsoft's Enterprise Library 4.1 for DAL support
BusinessEntitiesVersion 2.x 1) Improves the original BusinessEntitiesVersion through the use of Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 for Validation support
IoCVersion 1) Improves the separation of layers in the Client-Server model by using IoC (Inversion of Control) and Dependency Injection
UnitTestVersion 1) Incorporates nUnit tests to demonstrate how unit testing provides greater resilience to change
DNNVersion 1) Demonstrates how an existing solution/system can be converted into a "pluggable" module format ideal for use as a DotNetNuke module

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